Our projects focus on two fields: education and sustainability.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

In Italy, we work on projects on education about  global citizenship and and the shift between school and work. In foreign countries, we help with the construction of schools, the support of community schools and donations.

“Give a man a fish, feed [his] home for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed [him] for a lifetime.” – Confucius

We improve life conditions of families to help them leave poverty, as it  as it is essential provide a future to their children. In Italy, the project Stand Up promotes work reintegration for people who are having difficulties, whereas in developing countries we create the opportunity for long-term sustenance of families and give them the necessary tools to fight infant malnutrition.


Female Dorm Kaande Basic School

Many children attend the Kaande Basic School in the district of Mongul, Zambia and had to travel many kilometers daily to attend school. Thus, building a dorm close to the school enable us to solve this problem. The project was created together with the Comboni Missionary Sisters and the local community which was involved in…


Maasai Women Art

Tanzania’s Maasai Women Art is a cooperative enterprise aimed at producing and selling high quality homemade art products. The NGO Institute of Oikos and Oikos East Africa supported this enterprise by promoting development projects for the Maasai Women and offering them with training and enabling them to generate income. The pieces of jewelry Maasai Women…


The Children of Tali

Country: South Sudan. In 2009, the Comboni missionaries in South Sudan developed an informal school in Tali “below the plants” which eventually was then built with cement and was officially inaugurated with the name Comboni Primary School. In 2011, the school took another step forward when they assigned 7 young teachers. In the beginning, the…


Elementary School of Bibwa-Wuma

Country: Democratic Republic of Congo The elementary school in the village of Wuma, managed by the parish of Bibwa, was build with wood and clay with a ceiling in sheet metal. These materials aren’t safe enough, but until now they’ve been the only space where it was possible to offer school activities in a covered…



The project MigrAzioni (Migraction) is structured as a journey which narrates what the migrants have gone through to arrive to Europe, finding other that what they expected. This project looks at the theme of migration from a new point of view, destroying stereotypes and prejudices by creating a common ground where students and teachers can…


Mother Earth

L’obiettivo del progetto è aiutare e formare le famiglie rurali del distretto di Mongu grazie all’agricoltura sostenibile, in particolare dell’albero di Moringa, una pianta con alte proprietà nutritive.