Our projects focus on two fields: education and sustainability.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

In Italy, we work on projects on education about  global citizenship and and the shift between school and work. In foreign countries, we help with the construction of schools, the support of community schools and donations.

“Give a man a fish, feed [his] home for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed [him] for a lifetime.” – Confucius

We improve life conditions of families to help them leave poverty, as it  as it is essential provide a future to their children. In Italy, the project Stand Up promotes work reintegration for people who are having difficulties, whereas in developing countries we create the opportunity for long-term sustenance of families and give them the necessary tools to fight infant malnutrition.



The project MigrAzioni (Migraction) is structured as a journey which narrates what the migrants have gone through to arrive to Europe, finding other that what they expected. This project looks at the theme of migration from a new point of view, destroying stereotypes and prejudices by creating a common ground where students and teachers can…


School of Siavonga and Pavia: a mutual acquaintance

Since 2011 we run this project of reciprocal share of knowledge and help between elementary and middle schools of the Instituto Comprensivo di Villanterio, on the province of Pavia, and between community schools of Siavonga (Zambia). These schools, managed by Maria Bambina and the local community, share the aim of guaranteeing primary education and food…


Stand Up

Every year during Christmas, GuardAvanti is present in some partner shops all over Italy to wrap gifts bought by its clients. Since 2013, we have employed and given the opportunity to participate in trainings to more than 170 people (chosen from the most vulnerable classes of the labour force). We provide on-site training, training courses…


Global Citizenship Education

The global citizenship education activities are focused on children and teenagers of every school grade, which we view as citizens of the future. Change arrives everyday from choices we make as citizens, consumers, savers. Every man or woman can contribute positively independently of his or her age, gender or social status. Our ambition is to…


Dual Training (Work-School)

During the school year of 2016/2017, we partnered with three schools in dual training (school-work) providing students with job experience, receive training on-site and education in school.  Teaching the aspects of selection processes in the job market, so that students are ready when entering the adult world. Some examples on the activities are based on…


Clean Clothes Campaign

In Bangladesh, on the 24th of April 2013, Rana Plaza, an eight-floor building in which there were 5 textile factories that supplied various international brands, collapsed, killing more than 1100 workers and injuring another 2000. GuardAvanti, partner of the Clean Clothes campaign, supports a petition to make international brands indemnify the victims and put in…