Respect – Respect for diversity and promotion of all local available resources in an environment that values communication and shared contribution.

Transparency – We always aim for full transparency for complete trust and therefore publish balance sheets and mission reports annually, and offer the availability of more detailed information.

Efficiency – Professionalism, technology, innovation, remote work, integrated approaches, cost optimization are extremely valued in order to maximize contribution to each project.

Reduction of the barrier between the north and south of the world – we envision cooperation as a meeting point for different realities, to learn to live together in a world that is ever changing, becoming smaller and connected.

Interculturalism – migration trends and evolution on geopolitics (both technological and anthropological) push us towards a more intercultural approach

Environmental Awareness – sustainable development can only be achieved if we consider our impact on the environment

Human Development – cooperation is not just providing assistance to those in need but it should create positive long-term change and be based on a sharing of knowledge, experience and emotions.

Individuality – we don’t discriminate any gender, religion, ethnical or political belief. Our sole priority criteria is based on the need of each person.

Innovation – in an ever-changing technological world we understand the need to innovate and see new points of view.

Joy – building a new and better future is joyful and should be done with pleasure and tranquility; other cultures teach us to celebrate what we have even when facing difficult problems.