The organization – Our mission

Our name highlights the necessity to take care of the future, the desire and the need to develop the world in which we live in. Children are the first beneficiaries of the future and thus are the clearest symbol on how important it is to build a future together, starting today.

Our organization is active in cooperation towards development, the integration of various cultures and the growing partnership based on solidarity. All of these aspects combined provide an equal and sustainable growth that we aim to achieve and value deeply.

We are a group of people from various religious backgrounds with shared goals, who believe in the collaboration of mankind towards the construction of a common future.

How we work

  1. Our network of contacts ensures that all monetary contributions arrive where the money is needed
  2. The management of the technical aspects of each project is followed by university professors and other specialists
  3. We work remotely and in order to reduce spending to a minimum do not invest in advertisement