Improve Basic Education for 500 Zambian Children

Ensure education to the children of        Fishing Camp in Zambia

The challenge and the request: an overcrowded school

The Fishing Camp is a fast-growing compound in the Siavonga suburbs, where access to basic education is limited and does not follow national requirements.

In 2010, the Katulumba Community School was built for 84 attending students. However, despite the fast-pace-growth of attending students (achieving 488 in 2018), school premises were never adjusted accordingly thus overcrowding the school’s 3 classrooms.

In addition, without the minimum hygienic standards, children’s health is every day at risk: the ratio latrines/students is 1/60 (ideal ratio is 1/15).

Teaching sessions are provided in regular sessions only for 4th to 7th graders (in 2 classrooms) but the other children attend fewer hours of schooling – below national requirements –  due to the availability of just an additional classroom.

The community of Fishing Camp is extremely committed to guarantee basic education to their children; in fact, despite the extreme poverty of the compound, the community started the construction of an additional classroom, adding piece after piece whenever some funds are available. It can take another few years to finish the classroom just with the community efforts.

Main Objectives

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    Provide all students with regular class sessions

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    Supply the school with adequate facilities

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    Improving learning experience - increasing passing rate in final examination

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    Guarantee the minimum sanitary national standars

The solution and the long term results

The need raised by the school staff and the Fishing Camp community was studied in collaboration with Guardavanti in order to plan lasting solutions.

  1. Finish the construction of the 4th classroom
  2. Build 3 additional classrooms
  3. Build 18 more latrines

When implemented, to students and teachers alike will immediately be granted the proper setting for a quality learning and teaching, and for sanitary acceptable standards.

In the long term, the campus enlargement will allow all kids to attend school, having the statutory school hours and not letting anyone out of compulsory education. This improved quality of education gives students better life/work opportunities. The right number of installed latrines will enhance the sanitary standards.

Guardavanti and Katulumba School signed a long term partnership in which both parties commit to follow the development of the compound in the future, adjusting the school premises accordingly.

Once the minimum educational and sanitary standards are reached, the next steps have already been thought of, in the light of the long term partnership between Guardavanti and the Fishing Camp Community, and with the envision of improving the life of the entire compound.

The long-term sustainability of the school is also a future goal and considers the following developments:

  • Provide school with electrical power (to allow PC classes and adult literacy with evening classes)
  • Creation of income-earning activities (to allow the school to self-sustain itself)
  • Construction of new staff houses (to give more quality life to teachers)

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