The heartfelt call of Dr. Manuela Piazza, infectious disease specialist

Dr. Manuela Piazza, co-founder of Guardavanti and infectious disease specialist at the ASST Lodi Hospital, send us an urgent plea for help.

These days, Italian hospitals are facing an unprecedented health emergency, due to COVID19, known as “coronavirus”.
Doctors, nurses and practitioners are exposed daily to deal with this crisis.

ASST Lodi consists of 4 Hospital Units (Lodi, Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, Casalpusterlengo and Codogno). The first recorded COVID19 patient requiring intensive care was hospitalised in Codogno.

The 4 Units now host almost exclusively Coronavirus patients bringing them to the brink of collapse. More and more patients arrive each day from other provinces and the hospital staff are in desperate need of ventilators and protection kits.

(Check her appeal in a separate attachment)

Dr.ssa Manuela Piazza, Infettivologa all’ASST di Lodi

Objective of this campaign is to raise funds to buy ventilators, to provide intensive care to more patients, and protection kits for hospital staff, to minimize the contagion risk.

  • 1 Ventilator = 17.000 €
  • 1 Protection kit  (disposable gloves, mask, goggles, overall, shoe-overall, cap) = 40 €
  • 1 disposable gloves box (150) = 9 €

The first goal is to buy one ventilator, 100 Protection kits and 250 kits of gloves.

In case the amount necessary for one ventilator won’t be achieved, all the amount raised will be used to buy kits or any other material/equipment requested by the ASST Lodi

Trasporto pazienti affetti da COVID19

Helping the Hospitals in Lodi: why it is urgent

Italian hospitals are collapsing.

The severity of the symptoms of patients affected by Covid19 vary from asymptomatic to serious and severe respitatory problems. A high rate of patients need to be hospitalised and treated in intensive care.

In the most hit regions, the hospitals have doubled the number of beds and added intensive care units. But even with beds in the corridors they are running out of space, personnel, equipment and ventilators.

The solution

In such a dramatic situation we need to join our efforts and give help. Our solution, to buffer at least part of the situation, is to raise funds to buy:

1.Ventilators, to provide intensive care to more patients

2.Protection kits for all hospital staff, to minimize the contagion risk

More ventilators mean more intensive care beds, and ultimately the opportunity to treat more patients, not leaving anyone untreated.

More protection kits mean our Health Professionals are less at risk. They are already making 12-15 hrs shits per day, as there is a shortage of doctors and nurses. It is vital that they are protected from the virus!

Dottore in servizio presso l’ASST di Lodi

In the long term, once the COVID19 emergency will be over, the ventilators will remain at the disposal of the ASST Lodi, increasing permanently its intensive care capacity. This will enhance the daily health care offered to the patients during ‘normal situations’ and equip the hospital for eventual future crisis.

The protection kits possibly remaining at the end of the COVID19 emergency, will be used in the daily work of the infectious disease ward of the hospital.

Ospedale maggiore di Lodi


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