In the past years GuardAvanti has grown and these are some of our most relevant steps.


2011 – Foundation

Maurizio Magli, current general director, after 2 years in Zambia with his family, decides to create “Guardavanti”: a small team who wants to collaborate, starting from the values of dignity and mutual respect, to promote the idea of global citizenship and to reduce costs to maximize possible projects.


2011 – Formal establishment of the organisation

Guardavanti is officially established in Italy. To know more about our status, click here.



  1. The first adoptions at a distance start in Zambia and the link between the schools of Siavonga (Zambia) and Villanterio (Pavia, Italy) are established, leading to the beginning of global citizenship education in Italian schools;
  2. The first childhood projects are born in Bolivia and South Sudan;
  3. Our first collaboration with associations focused on children in Ruanda take place, as well as the collaboration with the Maasai women in Tanzania;
  4. We are online! Our first website and our Facebook page are created.



  1. Together with the local community we build the dormitory for the Kaande Basic School students in Zambia and our three-year-project “Mother Earth” (helping around 16.750 people in extreme poverty) initiates in Mongu, Zambia;
  2. Co-foundation of SISTERR – Pavese territorial system for international cooperation



  1. Activities with students in schools in Milan, Pavia and Varese are developed and the interchange study-work begins;
  2. The project “Stand up!” is initiated, focusing on the training and reintegration on the job market of unemployed Italians.



  1. The activities in Italian schools successfully continue and together with Liceo Volta (Milan) we win the Oscar “Light Up!”, promoted by the Milanese municipality on volunteering competences;
  2. We broaden our horizons by establishing the pillars for new projects in Jordan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.


…to be continued!