Clean Water for 1200 villagers in Burkina Faso

Help the village of Dodougou
in Burkina Faso

The challenge and the request: clean water for Dodougou villagers

In the village of Dodougou, in Burkina Faso, the local women have great difficulties to access drinking water.

In this part of the province the groundwater is very deep, reaching more than 100 metres in depth. This makes the artisanal wells, most often dug between 20 and 25 meters, provide not drinkable water and dry out during the dry season period (8 months). This situation brings families to consume the unsafe water, which is the source of several diseases, and women to walk for miles to fetch water in the long dry season.

The village population lives of agriculture and livestock; at the far end of the village, in most disadvantaged neighborhood inhabited mainly by refugees escaping the war in  Ivory Coast in 2004, a group of women who produce sesame created few years ago a the grassroot group of “WEND-SONGDA“.

The scarcity of water has two main consequences: a poor health and many diseases especially among children, and a low agricultural production that hinder the development of income generating activities.

Moreover, the time devoted by women to fetch the water, walking miles every day,  could be employed in production activities, helping generating income for the families and helping them out of poverty.

Worried for the health of their children and for their scarce sesame production, the grassroot group of women “WEND-SONGDA”  want to solve the problem of the access to water. They submitted us this project, to have clean water available to all the Dodougou villagers.

The villagers will contribute to the project through their work (collecting sand and gravel, doing simple building work) and financially for the amount they can afford, through the maintenance of the pump. Once the project is funded, the project is planned to be carried out within an interval two-three months.

The solution and the objectives

The solution prospected by the promoters of the project, is drilling a borehole to find the groundwater and subsequently install a manually operated pump. This will assure safe and drinking water at any time of the year. The access to the water will be available to all the villagers of Dodougou.

The specific objectives of the project are:

  • drilling a borehole and install a manually operated pump (Volanta)
    facilitating the access to safe and drinking water to more than 1200 people, 800 of which children
  • enabling the village to manage and maintain the pump
  • reducing distances and time for women’s water chores, giving more time to income generating activities

To achieve the above objectives, a specialized  drilling company will be hired. The company will drill the borehole (to a depth of more than 100); when the groundwater is find, all the necessary trials will be made in order to understand the quality, quantity and pressure of the groundwater.
Then a Volanta pump will be installed, using all the needed material (pipes, cement, sand, etc).

In order for the project to be successful, with benefits granted in the long run, three main activities are to be carried out:

  • mobilizing the local community
    carrying out the drilling
    creating the Water Point Management Committee (local) with the support of the Village water users’ Association

The Committee (three members elected by the village assembly) will manage and coordinate the pump usage, planning and programming activities, ensure their execution and monitoring, developing periodic reports.


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